Insulin Intensive Seminar | November 4-5, 2017



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One in four diabetic patients are prescribed insulin; a total of about seven million patients in the U.S. If you work with diabetic patients, it’s critical to know how to use insulin in all of its forms and be familiar with pens, pumps and other insulin accessories. It is vital to know the difference between basal, bolus and correction dosing, and know how to safely and effectively institute and modify doses for all patients. Which drugs go with insulin and which do not? How do you treat hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia quickly and efficiently? How do you work with insulin for a diabetic athlete?

Become clinically knowledgeable about insulin with Dr. Mona Morstein, a diabetic expert. This seminar will prepare you to work with all types of diabetic patients, including pediatric T1DM patients. You will be able to start using insulin confidently!

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